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• Monday, October 29th, 2012

My friend Mike makes a VNA news magazine Together with Gert-Jean once a month  for the VNA Girls and in the October version,
I was so lucky that I got to participate as part of VNA LIVE because I hold one show on their system once a week together with Louise Jenson and Rebekah Dee..
The picture pages I was involved in was super good, thanks to Mike for such a well executed job, Love you Mike.

If you wish to read the entire issue of VNA news magazine you can go Vicky’s blog:


And here you have the pictures that were used of me.




Feel free ! Be naughty….


• Wednesday, October 24th, 2012


My site is constantly evolving, I have now managed to finish the new forum.
So welcome in and give me some feedback on what you guys are found.
Create new topic if you want and tell us about yourself and whatever that interests you
The forum is available for members of monicamilf.com















• Monday, October 22nd, 2012


Then finally my new site up, welcome to you all ..

All this starts very good, I must say I’ve now on the first page on xbiz.com and avn.com all thanks to a great partnership with Vicky Vette and her new cam2cam site www.vnalive.com.

I will be live on member area 2 days a week Tuesday and Thursday I will also be live on Sundays att  vnalive.com it means you can all see me live 3 days a week, You can also book private show of me if you want ther Im only yours so you have me totally by yourself.

All members of monicamilf.com have of course  access to view all the VNA girls live shows.




Feel free ! Be naughty….